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Our first Responsible Business Report

Today we publish our first Responsible Business Report and Group Code of Conduct.

As we continue to grow across new countries and regions around the globe, it’s important that we continue to deliver on our commitments in a responsible manner, regardless of where in the world we’re working.


Responsible Business Report

Our Responsible Business Report sets out our sustainability targets for the operations of ATA under four pillars -

Our People

Our Planet

Our Supply Chain

Our Governance

In the report you can find an overview of our environmental initiatives, such as reducing our carbon footprint and changes to how we manage our supply chain. As you know, we also aim to make a positive impact beyond our business operations in all our locations. The report shows how we actively engage with the communities where we are based, supporting numerous charities and local initiatives.

The report is a great way to understand the collective impact we’re making as a group and our ambitions to contribute positively to a significant world challenge.


Group Code of Conduct

Our Group Code of Conduct is part of our Governance work under the Responsible Business Report.

ATA’s values and guiding behaviours are the foundations for how we operate our business. The new Group Code of Conduct gives greater detail and information on how we can live our values on a day-to-day basis.

This document allows everyone across ATA to easily access guidance on making ethical decisions, engaging with colleagues respectfully, and complying with rules and regulations in the regions where we operate.



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