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With its range of high-precision drilling tools, ATA is a leading drilling tool manufacturer and sets new standards with our high quality products.


Our high quality precision drilling tools guarantee excellent results and process reliability across a range of industries including automobile, aerospace, mechanical or medical engineering and in die and mold construction. 

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ATA manufacturers a wide range of precision drilling tools.

High speed cutting tools in premium quality for drilling into aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, gray cast iron, GRP/CRP as well as for deep hole drilling and the machining of hardened material. 

ATA high performance drills are available with or without tool cooling. They are delivered with modern tool coatings (including diamond coatings) which are adjusted to each material, which results in vast tool lives. 

By means of their optimization for various purposes, the solid carbide drills build a product range which enables economic drilling for a broad spectrum of applications. 

Solid carbide drills by ATA are designed especially for deep hole drilling and metalworking of steel, stainless steel, hardened steel < 70 HRC, titanium, inconel, aluminum and GRP/CRP. All solid carbide drills with diameters up to 3 mm and drill depths from 8 x D are provided with a polished flute as well. 

The micro drills highlight the range of solid carbide drills by ATA. These microtools are available from 0.1 mm (from 0.8 mm including tool cooling). 

Take a look at the largest range of premium quality, precision and industrial cutting tools, created for companies needing a complete range of material removal, cutting and finishing solutions.

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drilling tool with internal cooling

Drills with internal cooling.

ATA tool cooling guarantees optimal cooling results and presents obvious advantages as compared to external cooling. On the one hand, the cooling of the cutting edge can individually be optimised, with the result that the heat development is considerably reduced. The special power chamber by Karnasch ensures an increased coolant leak - at the same pressure but also at low pressure.

On the other hand, Karnasch tool cooling removes the chips more efficiently and improves the overall cutting performance significantly. In addition to higher productivity, Karnasch tool cooling enhances tool lives and prevents premature tool breaking, which in turn leads to considerable cost savings.

Discover our range of Drilling tools.

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