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Tungsten Carbide Burs

Established in 1963, ATA is the leading global carbide bur manufacturer. Our Tungsten Carbide Burs are renowned for their consistent high quality and resistance to heat and wear, being tested daily at high speeds on the world’s toughest materials. Our range includes solutions for grinding and deburring on a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, cast iron, fibreglass, composites and plastic.

ATA Tungsten Carbide Burs are the most widely used burs in the world. With more than 1100 different types of high-quality tungsten carbide burs available, we can offer the best solution to resolve the challenges faced by professional metal workers every day.

Our Bur configurations and specifications will suit every ferrous and non-ferrous application, ensuring efficient stock removal and optimum surface finish.

Explore our range available, or visit our downloads page for your product ordering catalogue.

our Tungsten Carbide Burs range



ATA’s innovative new NEXT GENERATION 6 bur, is the solution to speed up manufacturing processes in industry applications where rapid stock removal is required. Combined with the unique ACCELERATOR coating, stock removal is up to double that of leading premium quality burs serving this market.


New Geometry Burs

New Geometry Burs Image

This exclusive range of multi-application burs will cover almost all your general metal removal work.

Combi Bur Line

Corner Radius Bur Line

Radius Bur Line


Sets Image

ATA sets offer a selection of most commonly used burs suitable for demonstrations, displays, samples or promotions.

Bur Sets

Universal Range

Universal Range Image

Universal cut geometry's designed for general purpose, providing rapid stock removal on steel, copper, cast iron and nickel alloys.

Long Shank Range

Long Shank Range Image

Designed for general deburring where accessibility is a problem.

Long Shank

Miniature Range

Miniature Range Image

Small diameter burs for facilitating precise control of intricate workpieces.

Inox Range

Inox Range Image

The Inox range has a specially designed geometry to suit growing market demands for stainless steel applications.

Steel Range

Steel Range Image

The Steel range provides a more aggressive stock removal thanks to its unique cutting geometry, specifically designed to increase metal removal on steel components.

Alloy Specific (AS) Range

Alloy Specific (AS) Range Image

The new Alloy Specific (AS) range has been designed to meet the most demanding metal finishing needs on Ni-Alloys and Ti-Alloys in high tech industries such as Aerospace and Power Generation.

Alloy Specific (AS)

Foundry Range

Foundry Range Image

Bur geometry designed for maximum strength, maximum power and maximum output.

Base Metal Range

Base Metal Range Image

The Base Metal Bur range is designed specifically for general deburring applications on metals less than 250 HB (Hardness Brinell).

Base Metal Bur

Locksmith Range

Locksmith Range Image

ATA Locksmith range is an intentionally designed range of burs for professional locksmiths.


Tyre Router Range

Tyre Router Range Image

A specially designed range of routers for use in the rubber vulcanization process in the automotive industry.

Tyre Routers

Bolt Remover Range

Bolt Remover Range Image

A specially designed range of burs for the removal of broken studs in maintenance applications.

Bolt Removers


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No. 1 Carbide Burs manufacturer in the world.

3500 Global sales distributors.

Manufacturing process conducted to strict quality control standards. Accredited ISO9001:2015.


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