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Karnasch Professional Tools

The world's largest range of high end precision and industrial cutting tools - in stock, no MOQs and same day dispatch.


With one of the most comprehensive tool ranges worldwide and more than 20,000 premium quality tools and machines, the high performance tools by Karnasch offer excellent performance and consistently high quality throughout its entire range. The purposes of application range from milling, drilling, reaming, countersinking, grinding and sawing of almost all materials.

Customers can now buy the Karnasch Professional Tools range through their existing ATA supply channel and enjoy the same high standard of customer and technical support provided by ATA to their customers for decades.

ATA distribute to over 85 countries around the world. ATA customers will be accustomed to receiving the highest standard of customer and technical sales support from an experienced and knowledgeable support team who are now ready to talk to you about Karnasch Professional Tools.

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