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ATA Fastening Solutions

Solving problems and providing tailor-made solutions for customers across various industries.

Automotive assembly | Aerospace assembly | Energy assembly | General industry assembly

Whether it is general assembly or critical bolting, we have a solution. Covering torque ranges from 0.1Nm - 8,100Nm. We also offer bespoke solutions such as handling equipment and multiple spindle systems.

Thanks to our team of technical managers and product specialists located nationwide, you can depend on ATA Fastening Tool Solutions to provide expert advice and a reliable supply of the product you need. We also recognise the value of after sale service. Our team is ready to help with any or all of the following:

Repair and Preventative Maintenance | Inventory Management | Product & Application Training

Please note that our fastening products are not currently available in the US. If you are based in the US and are interested in these products, please contact us directly on

our Fastening range

URYU Seisaku Ltd.

URYU Seisaku Ltd. Image

Leading manufacturer of pulse tools for assembly, along with screwdrivers, drills, tappers and percussion tools.

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AcraDyne® Image

AcraDyne®, produces one of the most cutting edge and complete lines of D/C Controlled Tools, Data Management Systems and custom-built Multiple Spindle Systems.

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ASA Image

ASA Enterprise Corp. is a professional Hand Tools manufacturer, providing Electric Screwdrivers and high efficiency brushless motor electric screwdrivers.

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3ARM Image

Custom built ergonomic arms for handling weight load of all kinds of tools, devices or materials.

3 Arm Catalogue


OZAT Ltd. Image

For high quality impact sockets, including LOV (Loss of Vibration) for specific use with pulse tooling.

Ozat Ltd

BMS Torque Solutions

BMS Torque Solutions Image

Industry leader in design, development and manufacture of digital and mechanical hand torque wrenches.

BMS Catalogue

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