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The ATA range of tungsten carbide burs, abrasives and industrial air tools covers a wide range of automotive applications including deburring, routing and profile finishing.

Our automotive range of burs, abrasives and air tools are ideal for a variety of deburring and grinding requirements to suit various applications such as engine block deburring, alloy wheel mould production and composite routing.

Designed for all metals and composites, our extensive range of Tungsten Carbide Burs and Routers contains over 10,000 SKUs. Our specialised range of Industrial Pneumatic Tools offers a reliable, well-designed and ergonomically enhanced array of hand-held tools to maximise productivity and maintain operators' wellbeing.

Our complementary range of speciality abrasives includes quick-change discs, abrasive belts and our unique patented range of Flexidiscs®.

our Automotive range


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applications of ata tools in the Automotive industry

Automotive Applications
  1. Wheels, Exteriors

    Aluminium - Aluminium Cut Bur, Flap Wheels, Abrasive Belts, Die Grinders, Belt Finishers

  2. Wheels

    Steel - Bur Double Cut, Flap Wheels, Abrasive Belts, Die Grinders, Belt Finishers

  3. Interior Dashboard

    CFRP & MRP - Composite Routers, FGRs

  4. Exteriors (Bumpers and Trim)

    Composite Plastic - Composite Routers

  5. Exterior - Car Body

    Steel - Bur Double Cut, Quickchange Discs, Flap Wheels, Abrasive Belts, Flexidiscs, Die Grinders, Belt Finishers, Angle Grinders

  6. Engine Block

    Cast Steel - Bur Double Cut, Steel Cut, Flap Wheel Abrasives, Quickchange Discs, Die Grinders, Angle Grinders

  7. Exhaust, Decorative Trims

    Stainless Steel - Bur Double Cut, Inox Cut, Flap Wheels, Quickchange Discs, Abrasive Belts, Die Grinders, Angle Grinders, Belt Finishers

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