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Alloy Specific Bur range from ATA


Deburr and finish high strength alloys using ATA's unique bur geometry

In recent times advances in material science and manufacturing processes, being driven by factors such as environmental policies and low-cost mass production requirements, have lead companies to adopt advanced or high-performance materials in certain applications. All research and forecasts indicate that demand for such high-performance materials such as titanium and nickel alloys, will increase significantly over the next five to seven years.

ATA Alloy Specific Bur Range

The alloy specific (AS) range of ATA carbide burs is specifically designed to deburr and finish high-strength alloys. The unique cutting geometry offers increased stock removal and a high-quality surface finish on high-strength alloys.

•    40% more effective
•    Precise control
•    Improved finish
•    Faster cutting action
•    High stock removal


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    • Designed for use on Ni-Alloys and Ti-Alloys
    • Advanced cutting geometry for more stock removal and a better surface finish
    • Achieve a controlled cutting action