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With our extensive experience in the aerospace industry, the ATA range of tungsten carbide burs, abrasives and industrial air tools cover a wide range of applications.

Our Aerospace portfolio is dedicated to providing customers with deburring and grinding solutions to suit all applications including new blade deburring, chamfering, weld removing, component making to turbine refurbishment, engine and landing gear repair.

Designed for all metals and composites, our extensive range of Tungsten Carbide Burs and Routers contains over 10,000 SKUs.

Our specialised range of Industrial Pneumatic Tools offer a reliable, well-designed and ergonomically enhanced array of hand-held tools to maximise productivity and maintain operators' wellbeing. Our complementary range of speciality abrasives includes quick-change discs, abrasive belts and our unique patented range of Flexidiscs®.

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